Monday, November 7, 2011

Giants get Melky Cabrera for Volcanoes alumni Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo

The six-time World Series Champion, San Francisco Giants acquired outfielder Melky Cabrera for Volcanoes alums Jonathan Sanchez (Volcanoes '04) and Ryan Verdugo (Volcanoes '08).

The trade is win-win in that Jonathan will get a shot to help turn around the Royals pitching staff; Ryan will get a better chance breaking into the show; and the '10 World Champs get a well-rounded, dangerous bat in the line-up with Melky.

In other news around the organization; Tim Lincecum (Volcanoes '06) was named Giants pitcher of the year from; Pablo Sandoval (Volcanoes '08) was named Giants player of the year.

The looks to be the start of an action-packed "off season" - stay tuned for all the Volcanoes exclusive; Volcanoes baseball - where Giants dreams begin.

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