Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks and Happy Holidays from your Volcanoes

To all of Volcanoes Nation: happy holiday season from your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. You're the best fans in Minor League Baseball and have been a critical part of past Volcanoes pennant winners; the strong homefield advantage our players enjoy; building one of the strongest professional baseball teams in Oregon history; and yes, you were part of building a World Champion.

These past seasons, you have also used baseball to come together as a community, welcome new fans to the area (our friends of the Portland Beavers and other teams), and showed amazing energy and loyalty at a time when tough economic times have challenged us all to spend wisely and be there for our neighbors.

Under the leadership of Jerry Walker, the Volcanoes Front Office works year-round focused on innovating the fan experience while keeping the game family-friendly, affordable and fun.

You bring amazing passion of baseball, a sense of excitement and share a part of your lives with family and friends.

It's the truest form of teamwork and one that will help your Volcanoes continue to thrive.

Thank you, happy holidays and best wishes.


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