Sunday, December 25, 2011

Volcanoes alumns spend Christmas in first place

One of the great achievements in the on-going development of affiliated Winter Leagues is that multiple Volcanoes alums get to spend this Christmas in first place and fighting for a pennant.

In Australia, Alex Burg (Volcanoes '10) and Cameron Lamb (Volcanoes '11) have helped the Perth Heat continue their first place pace in the very competitive Australian Baseball League.

In Puerto Rico, Johnny Monell (Volcanoes '08) is catching for first place Criollos; team mate of Johnny is potential Volcanoes '12 short stop prospect Jean Delgado.

In the Dominican League, Ehire Adrianza (Volcanoes '08) is helping Tribunes remain in first place in that hotly contested league.

Stay tuned as Volcanoes Watching tracks the final playoff pushes of your Volcanoes in Winter Leagues; Volcanoes baseball - where Giants dreams begin.

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