Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Meetings - Bobby V, Volcanoes baseball, and the fan experience

Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker, Owner and General Manager of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, is one of the top Minor League executives at the 2011 MLB Winter Meetings. For the Volcanoes, this time is used to help strengthen the Northwest League as a brand and to look at innovative ways to improve the fan experience.
Bobby V talks 2012 - photo J. Walker

Volcanoes Watching will be covering this exciting event all week - part of which is Jerry bringing all of us an inside look into the game, such as this shot of new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine meeting with reporters.

The Winter Meetings also serves as a hotbed for potential blockbuster trades and free agent signings; for the Giants, they have stressed the importance of keeping their core pitching staff intact, but potential opportunities may come up the next 48-72 hours that could involve Volcanoes alumni.
Stay tuned for all the exclusive this week; Volcanoes baseball - where Giants dreams begin.

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