Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Volcanoes Nation: become a free Volcanoes Watching Insider

Volcanoes Watching has added a new free feature: Volcanoes Watching Insider. As the site has attracted more than 25,000 readers since October, 2010 we are in a position to offer the free services which will include Volcanoes Watching Insider articles, Volcanoes baseball promos and coupons.

Signing up is quicker than a bunt single: just visit www.volcanoesfan.com and look on the right for the Volcanoes Insider section. Follow the steps and within 30 seconds your in the club.

Why do I want to be a Volcanoes Watching Insider?

The Volcanoes Front Office has multiple insider news stories, special promotions and offers, many of which come game day or during special baseball events. This allows us to reward our loyal readers who are looking for more in-depth fan experience.

What does the Volcanoes get from this?

Our ability to give you exclusive Volcanoes Watching updates via email allows us to better plan events and make sure our core team supporters get the updates in a timely matter.

Your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes appreciate your amazing support and we look forward to continue innovative ways to improve the fan experience. Volcanoes baseball - where Giants dreams begin.

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