Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Between Innings with GreyWolves Head Baseball Coach Justin Barchus

GreyWolves (Lacche): You, yourself, are an athlete with the CrossFit Games -- does it help relating to top prospect athletes, being one yourself?

Coach Barchus: I think it helps me in multiple ways relate to top athletes; I've had experience at the regional level in CrossFit, which allows me to understand how to prepare my body for competition. It also helps me relate to the players on a competitive level; I know what their body goes through on a day to day basis, I have a good idea when they need to be rested, and I generally have a good idea what state of mind they need to be in for a competition. During my work at the University of Illinois I also gained a lot of experience in what is expected of them at the Division 1 level, that will be very useful moving forward.


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