Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Between innings with Volcanoes 2015 Manager, Kyle Haines

Volcanoes (Lacche): Especially the first 7-10 games of a short-season, how do you build team chemistry and identity both on and off the field?

Coach Haines: The big things early are to create a culture, gain trust, and set the expectations. We are trying to make winning players for the San Francisco Giants and to do that our players need to understand the work ethic and competitive nature that we expect from them. As far as team chemistry, a big part of that is made up by the character of the players you have and also who the leaders of the team are. Playing in a short season, it sometimes takes a little while since everyone is mostly new to each other, where as full season teams usually have guys that have played together for a few years. So trust and execution are key.

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