Friday, January 8, 2016

Between innings with Volcanoes 2015 Manager, Kyle Haines

Volcanoes (Lacche): How do you shield your players from all the pressures & expectations they sometimes bring from family, friends, past coaches/schools/programs etc?

Coach Haines: That's an aspect that most people really over look. Players are constantly under pressure to please everyone else. The big thing is if we can keep them focused on getting better and to stay focused on helping the team out, that hopefully takes away time for them to think about pleasing outside influences. Social media, prospect rankings, as well as people that they already know can place unfair expectations on them. It's a discipline but players need to learn not to let their outside influences, even if very close, determine if they are doing good or bad. The reality is the most important people for the players to please is the San Francisco Giants, themselves and their teammates.

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