Monday, March 14, 2016

Between Innings with GreyWolves Head Baseball Coach Justin Barchus

GreyWolves (Lacche): Baseball is rich with history, but also the research is evolving with technology -- what types of technology do you leverage to further the science of how you specifically manage?

Coach Barchus: We mostly use technology to organize data; so when we take scouting reports on teams, we use some of the technology to help us organize the information. They can also help us make lineup decisions based on certain match-ups. You have to keep in mind there is a lot of turnover in this league as far as rosters go, so you don't get a lot of advanced scouting, early on you don't have much, and then towards the middle of the season you can start making some decisions based on information you have. But in the end, yes, baseball is a science and we use information to be as strategic as possible.

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