Thursday, March 31, 2016

Between Innings with GreyWolves Head Baseball Coach Justin Barchus

Question (Lacche): Your players come from different backgrounds, and also many in the same calendar year play on multiple teams -- how do you help them evolve so quickly to your/your staff's specific approach?

Skipper: I don't think the hardest part is adjusting to the staff and our approach, I think it takes a little bit for everyone to adjust to their role on the team, and their teammates. When you play with a program in the spring you get used to your role and what's expected of you day by day, the sudden change can take a few weeks to acclimate to. All the guys we bring in have had success wherever they've been, and are looked to as leaders in some aspect, so who takes leadership when they all come together? We can only put a certain number of guys in the lineup, and it takes a while for us to figure out who the right guys are, so who accepts and embraces their role on our team? Those are the adjustments that I think are the most interesting to watch, some times it doesn't work out, some times it works out great! We just do our best to communicate with guys, and try to build the "team-first" atmosphere that we expect.

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